Find your local awesome.

Pointi is an ongoing game to discover culture in local communities by hunting for points using images and hints.

About Us

Pointi is a scavenger hunt for culture in your city, township, county, borough, village, or other obscure geographic scale.

Culture might be an obvious piece of art, an excellent example of an architectural style, or a unique perspective on the natural environment. But culture is everywhere around you and using Pointi will help you discover it...and get bragging rights over your friends for knowing your city better than them!

Business Districts

Increase foot traffic by gamifying your district and encouraging occasional visitors to regularly see what is new

Visitor Bureaus

Welcome visitors by showcasing highlights in your area or member organizations

Art Tours / Walks

Turn a regular art walk into a game! Allow followers to gain points for visiting all the items on display

Travel and Tourism

Partner with local events to encourage participation in local activities or businesses.


Encourage repeat business by having passive activities around your campus

Corporate Teambuilding

Have a fun day in the office and encourage your employees to explore your campus or city

Our Pricing

The app will always be free, but we do highlight the "hunts" and activities of our partners



  • For personal use
  • Create and share hunts with your friends
  • Limited players
  • Standard hunt placement and listings
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Event Subscription

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  • Subscription per organization, per year
  • Unlimited Hunts
  • Unlimited Players
  • Unlimited Points (if populated by you) OR up to 10 points populated by us ($10/point each additional point populated by us)
  • Event Promotion
  • Realtime Dashboard
  • Reporting and Analytics
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Additional Services we offer :

  • Promoted / Verified Hunt : Hunt shows up at the top of the public hunts screen for your area.
  • Extended Reporting : Recieve the lists of participatns, see point check-in times by participants, and view the number of hints used.

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Visit With Us

You can find us online and in the App Stores all the time, or you can visit us at some of the more popular tourism tradeshows.

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